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Salubrius Vita serves as a source of information on the latest topics in health, fitness, weight loss, nutrition, beauty & care and lifestyle. We write expert articles with credible and verified information. We strive to provide readers with advice and insigh

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Last Posted Recipe: Jul 1, 2020

Omelet with spinach

Omelet is one of the most beloved breakfasts around the world. Spinach is a rich source of Vitamin C that boosts immunity and helps iron absorption; then Vitamin A, which keeps skin and mucous membranes healthy, and Vitamin B, including folic acid, which acts to produce red blood cells. Try out this omelet with spinach and let us know how you liked it.


Supershake for healthy bones and joints

It is the foods found in this shake that are some of the ones that cause an alkaline reaction. This fresh beverage or tasty berry and soybean dessert, with the addition of vanilla ice cream, also brings other benefits. Harvard scientists have discovered that eating ice cream can increase your chances of getting pregnant sooner. They also found that women on low-fat diet programs were even 85% more likely to have ovulation problems. So try this quick and easy recipe. Ingredients for 2 people: 250 g vanilla ice cream 150 ml of soy milk 3 tablespoons fresh or frozen blueberries 3 tablespoons fresh or frozen strawberries 3 tablespoons fresh or frozen raspberries


Healthy muffins with banana and nuts

These healthy muffins with banana and nuts are soft, buttery, spiced with cinnamon, and ideal for breakfast or brunch.