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You will surely see part of our lives, how we cook, what we eat, what are the traditions in Transylvania that we strive to preserve and share with others.

Member Since: Feb 14, 2019

Last Posted Recipe: Dec 1, 2020

Best Cabbage Soup Recipe

The best cabbage soup recipe is an old recipe, which I learned in my youth from my grandmother. It is a substantial soup, with pork meat, full of flavours typical of the Transylvanian area.


Chorizo Sausage And Bean Casserole

If you are hungry, I suggest a tasty and satisfying recipe, such as chorizo sausage and bean casserole, with Transylvanian aromas. You’ll see step by step how to make one of the most loved bean recipes.


Best Eggplant Casserole Recipe

MEAT RECIPES Best Eggplant Casserole Recipe-Timea’s Moussaka Timea, 2 hours ago 0 5 min read 8 Jump to Recipe Print Recipe Today I will show you how to make the best eggplant casserole recipe step by step. This aubergine’s moussaka is a summer recipe with Mediterranean influences but made in my style.


Oven Roasted Turkey Thighs Recipe

I thought I’d present you today a delicious oven roasted turkey thighs recipe, what will be served next to mashed potatoes. It is a very simple recipe, easy to cook but very tasty.


White Bean Soup with Smoked Ribs

A basic recipe from Transylvanian cuisine is white bean soup with smoked ribs. And especially with tarragon and sour cream, and served with red onion and fresh bread. Amazing!


Sweet Fried Semolina Pudding Recipe

This weekend I present a dessert that marked my childhood, sweet fried semolina pudding recipe, served with cherry jam.


Best Stuffed Cabbage Rolls Recipe

I show you the best stuffed cabbage rolls recipe, with tomatoes, thyme, and dill, and served with sour cream. It's one of the family's favorite dishes


Romaine Lettuce Soup

Today we offer you this recipe of delicious romaine lettuce soup, as it is done in Transylvania. It is a spring-summer recipe that is made of any kind lettuce.


Cream Cheese Filling Crepes Recipe

Because I felt the need to eat something sweet, I thought to show you how I do cream cheese filling crepes recipe. It is an easy, fast recipe that is delicious and can be served in many variations.


Best Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Today, Sunday morning, I thought I'd show you the best scrambled eggs recipe. It contains onion, bacon, and cheese and is served with fresh bread, tomatoes, and radish.


Stuffed Collard Greens Recipe-With Spinach

Today, during the shopping, I decided to present you a stuffed collard greens recipe, as is done in Transylvania.


Sweet Bread-Transylvanian Easter Recipe

Has anyone ever tasted the Easter sweet bread cooked after the Transylvanian recipe? If not, I strongly recommend that you try this. It is delicious, not very sweet, ideal for Easter breakfast. With a little butter on top and a slice of smoked and boiled ham, it’s a delight


Cabbage Casserole Recipe

Cabbage casserole recipe is an alternative to stuffed cabbage rolls. This recipe has many variations for all tastes, which I will exemplify in this post.


Potatoes Stew-With Smoked Sausages

STEWS Potatoes Stew-With Smoked Sausage Timea, 1 hour ago 0 4 min read 0 Jump to Recipe Print Recipe Today I will cook from just three ingredients one of the simplest and tastiest recipes in Transylvania, potato stew with smoked sausage.


Cottage Cheese Donuts-Transylvanian Recipe

A delight in Sunday afternoons was to eat delicious cottage cheese donuts made after our grandmother’s recipe and served with raspberry or apricots jam.


Pork Stew with Mushrooms and Sour Cream

If you want to surprise your family with something tasty, I'll give you an idea, cook pork shoulder stew with mushrooms and sour cream.