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Amsterdam based hobby-chef. Loves to create delicious recipes and has published two cookbooks.

Member Since: Feb 21, 2018

Last Posted Recipe: Nov 23, 2020

Tomato salad with velvety low-fat dressing

​Sweet little cherry tomatoes covered by a healthy summery low-fat dressing made from homemade buttermilk


Garlic shrimp - blue cheese pizza

​Crunchy pizza with garlic butter shrimp, blue cheese, sweet bell peppers and walnuts


Creamy potato salad with avocado and onions

Healthy creamy potato salad with avocado, Greek yogurt & caramelized onion. Easily made vegan


Black olives - white chocolate cookies

Brittle cookies with black olives, white choclate and walnuts. Somewhere between Portuguese tradition, chemistry and artificial intelligence


Beet, lychee and almond jam

Beet root, lychee and almonds get married together in a colorful, mild and delicious jam!


Almond crusted pork with banana salsa

Pork cutlet with smoked almond crust and exotic banana, tomato and bell pepper salsa


Carrot and radish salad with passion fruit

Shredded raw carrots and radishes with exotic Caribbean passion fruit dressing


Cocoa-crusted pork with hazelnut gremolata

The boring pork chop gets an exciting make-over! A delicious cocoa-crust and the garlic, leek and hazelnut gremolata will wow your taste buds!


Exotic Brussels sprouts with coconut

Sautéed shredded Brussels sprouts with grated apple and toasted coconut shavings


Tropical vegan smoothie with avocado

A tropical creamy smoothie with avocado, apple, banana and pineapple


Tender Chinese oxtail with fennel

Fall-off-the-bone tender oxtail with delicious mellow Chinese flavors and buttery diced fennel made in the slowcooker


Quick one-pot Pad Thai pasta

Easy al dente noodles in Thai peanut sauce with lots of veggies and tofu: Vegan, delicious and irresistible! Done in only 25 minutes.


Double double cheeseburger animal style

Sometimes a simple hamburger is not enough – you need to size it up! While you are at it, not only double the meat but also double the cheese!