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Punjabi recipes with a bit of sass

Member Since: Oct 15, 2019

Last Posted Recipe: Jun 28, 2020

Yellow Moong

Comfort food at it’s best! That’s the only way to describe moong daal. We all grew up eating it, damn near weekly. It’s creamy, flavorful, and light on the stomach.


Adrak di Cha

Ginger tea is amazing. It's warm, soothing, and aromatic from the ginger. The ginger cuts through the fat of the milk making it much lighter than a traditional masala chai. Making it a perfect tea for cold days, indigestion, colds, and anything else including dessert.


Adraki Nimboo Pani

Adraki Nimboo Pani is a fun twist on traditional limeade. For indigestion, hangovers, dehydration, or if you’re just in the mood for a tasty and refreshing drink, adraki nimboo pani is perfect.


Boondi Raita

Boondi raita is a perfect way to break up the routine of plain raita. Fast and easy. It’s perfect for a normal mid week dinner.


Besan Puda

Pudas are crispy, savory, and so amazingly flavorful, that just thinking about them makes my mouth water.



I LOVE bharta! The eggplant is creamy, smoky, flavorful, and meaty for a vegetarian dish.


Aloo di Tikki

The best version of tater tots you can imagine


Aloo Parantha

Flaky flatbread stuffed with savory potatoes.


Atte da Halwa

Atte da halva is butter, sugar, almonds, and flour, toasted and cooked into creamy perfection.