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Member Since: Feb 27, 2019

Last Posted Recipe: Mar 20, 2019

Delicious Homemade Lasagna

I swear there's nothing better than homemade lasagna. It's the best comfort food! This Delicious Homemade Lasagna recipe combines the richness of slow-cooked beef ragù, the sweetness of caramelized leeks, and 3 delicious kinds of cheese. Although some patience is required, it's absolutely worth it.


Easy Authentic Venezuelan Arepas

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside - these Easy Authentic Venezuelan Arepas can be stuffed with all kinds of delicious fillings.


Super Easy 3-ingredient Snickers Bites

Sweet dates stuffed with peanut butter and topped with dark chocolate. They taste just like Snickers bars! Easy, quick, vegan and gluten-free.


Chia Pudding with Salted Vegan Caramel

This Coconut-Chocolate Chia Pudding with Salted Vegan Caramel tastes exactly like Bounty chocolate bar (even better) but it's dairy and gluten free!


Delicious leftover chilli con carne potato

This super easy potato pie recipe will turn your leftover chilli into a real crowd pleaser. And it's effortless to make!


The Best Chilli Con Carne Ever

An aromatic, slow-cooked chilli is always a good idea! It just makes the perfect comfort food. And this may be The Best Chilli Con Carne Ever!


The Best Crunchy Ketchup Chicken

These crunchy, caramelized pieces of chicken are ridiculously delicious and so quick to make! It's one of these UNBELIEVABLY effortless chicken breast recipes.


Super Crispy Honey-Garlic Wings

Tossed in a delicious, sweet and sticky honey-garlic sauce - you wouldn't believe these crispy wings were made in the oven! They're SO good. Perfect for sharing with friends on Friday night!


Easy Authentic Filipino Chicken Adobo

I know I'm not the only one who's in love with Asian food. It's just so full of bold flavours! This chicken adobo recipe is no exception - it's simple to make, ridiculously tasty and you can prepare it with everyday ingredients!


The Best Gluten-Free Broth Concentrate

This is my secret weapon for any dish that requires adding a bouillon! This broth concentrate is super simple to make. It's in ice cubes. And it's just genius.


Super Quick Crispy Potato Wedges

Truly crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. These potato wedges are ready just in 10 minutes! I love perfectly roasted potatoes with the golden, super crunchy crust and fluffy, soft inside. But it takes so much time! So let me introduce you to your new favourite way to cook potatoes.


Chinese Chicken Casserole

Try this super tasty and easy Chinese chicken casserole and it'll soon become your favourite midweek dinner. Quick Asian marinade adds a great, deep flavour, and a bunch of green veggies makes it a complete, healthy meal.


Spicy Lime Harissa Chicken

This delicious one-tray Spicy Lime Harissa Chicken recipe has all the potential to become your new weeknight favourite. It's super simple (I promise!) and effortless to make. Plus, who would say no to this juicy chicken full of bold, smokey flavours?! It's so good!