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peck of pickles

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I am a keen home cook, mum of two boys, partner to Phil, human of one gorgeous striped cat and a lively farm of composting worms. I love creating seasonal flavour pairings, pickles, cocktails.

Member Since: Feb 2, 2019

Last Posted Recipe: Nov 22, 2020

Pickled cherry sherry flip cocktail

Modern pickle twist on vintage hot egg flip recipe with spiced pickled cherries, raw cacao, sherry, cherry brandy, rhubarb bitters.


Mandarin pickle Hoop la! cocktail

Modern seasonal pickle twist on Harry Craddock's 1930 Hoop la! cocktail recipe from The Savoy Cocktail Book with mandarin tarragon shrub syrup


Mandarin tarragon shrub syrup

Seasonal shrub syrup drinking vinegar for cocktails, refreshing drinks, desserts


Pickle Mai Tai cocktail

Modern pickle twist on Trader Vic's 1944 Mai Tai: pineapple fennel shrub with star anise and matcha, pistachio orgeat, coconut palm arrack.


Spiced pickled cherries

Delicious in cocktails to add fruit, spice, sweet-sour flavour and make beautiful cocktail garnishes.


Raspberry lime gin fix cocktail

Pickle twist on Jerry Thomas' 1862 classic gin fix recipe with a raspberry shrub syrup drinking vinegar


Raspberry shrub syrup drinking vinegar

Fresh in season raspberries, lime, lemon balm preserved with apple cider vinegar.


Coconut palm arrack punch

Modern seasonal twist on vintage punch recipe with coconut palm arrack, lime, matcha tea, lemon balm, nutmeg


Pistachio rose water orgeat syrup

Fresh in season pistachios preserved in a sugar syrup with rose water and a little vodka for cocktails and desserts.


Pistachio rose rhubarb Japanese cocktail

Modern seasonal twist on Jerry Thomas' 1862 Japanese cocktail with pistachio rose water orgeat and rhubarb cacao bitters with wattleseed


Pineapple fennel shrub margarita cocktail

Made using tequila, agave pineapple, fennel syrup and shrub with star anise and matcha tea


Pineapple fennel shrub syrup

Drinking vinegar made with pineapple, fennel, coconut vinegar, star anise and matcha tea for drinks and cocktails


Lemon, lime and rhubarb bitters

Tart rhubarb twist on the classic Australian lemon, lime and bitters drink made with homemade rhubarb cacao bitters with wattleseed


Rhubarb corpse reviver no. 2 cocktail

Pickle twist on the classic corpse reviver no. 2 cocktail with rhubarb quick pickle and rhubarb bitters


Rhubarb quick pickle

Rhubarb quick pickle with cinnamon myrtle, ginger, pink pepper & orange


Rhubarb cacao bitters with wattleseed

Cocktail bitters made with in season rhubarb, raw cacao, Australian indigenous spices wattleseed, lemon myrtle, cinnamon myrtle and strawberry gum and local Sydney vodka


Ginger lime shrub daiquiri cocktail

Ginger lime shrub daiquiri with cinnamon myrtle and ginger crisps