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Member Since: Jul 18, 2018

Last Posted Recipe: Jan 17, 2019

Muhammara (Syrian Red Pepper Walnut Dip)

This red pepper, walnut, and pomegranate molasses dip traces it's root to Aleppo, Syria. A region known for the spicy Aleppo pepper flakes. It's sweet and spicy and pairs great with pita.


Garlic and Dill Pickle Pot roast

A tangy, tender, and tasty pot roast. Chuck roast slow cooked with onions, dill pickles, garlic, and pickle juice.


Chicken Picasso

Chicken breasts baked with onions, peppers and a creamy tomato sauce served with pasta. Named after the famous artist Pablo Picasso and supposedly created by him.


Asian Honey Orange Chicken

The sweet and spicy Chinese-American orange chicken dish made with honey in place of sugar.


Cilantro Lime Rice

Fragrant Jasmine rice with lime and fresh cilantro. A great side dish for any Mexican feast.


Chicken Keftethes

Greek meatballs seasoned with lemon zest and herbs for a quick, easy, and light dinner. Serve as a kabob or in a pita.


Slow Cooker Cuban Mojo Pork Enchiladas

Pork loin slow cooked with citrus juices and seasonings then rolled in flour tortillas and topped with the mojo sauce, Monterey Jack cheese and fresh cilantro.


Kotleti (Russian Chicken Patties)

A Russian dish consisting of ground chicken mixed with sauteed onion, bread, and milk formed into small patties then breaded and pan fried.


Spinach, Mushroom and Ricotta Fettuccine

A quick and filling pasta dish with nutritious spinach & mushrooms and rich ricotta finished with a zing of lemon zest.


Japanese Style Braised Pork Ribs

A simple Japanese style braised baby back ribs recipe that's simply delicious.


Homemade Pizza Quattro Stagioni

An Italian pizza prepared in four sections, each section representing one of the four seasons. Artichokes represent spring, tomatoes represent summer, mushrooms represent autumn, and olives represent winter.


Cauliflower Chowder with Crispy Pork Belly

A creamy cauliflower chowder made with onions, carrots, and celery then topped with Monterey Jack cheese and crispy diced pork belly.


Crispy Artichoke Cakes

Vegetarian style "crab cakes" made with artichoke hearts.


Vegan Cold Mini Pizzas

Flatbread Topped with a creamy Moroccan Carrot dip, fresh spinach, radish,and cucumber.