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Member Since: Jun 7, 2018

Last Posted Recipe: Jun 8, 2018

Smoked Leg of Lamb

Lamb is one of the great meats on this planet. But how can we make it even better than the traditional roast? By cooking it in the smoker! This recipe adds a totally new dimension to the lamb and will be sure to be a favourite around your table


Smoked Beer Can Chicken

You love chicken, but sometimes you just get a little sick of the same old recipes. Introducing the beer can chicken. Its tender, it's juicy and moist. Not to mention the lovely beer flavor!


Smoked Burnt Ends

What are burnt ends? They are like popcorn.. for the meat lover. They are tasty little morsels full of meaty flavour with the most delicious crunchy outside! Every BBQ lover will love these.


Smoked Chicken Rub

Everyone needs their own special chicken rub. Many people don't share their secrets though. I am happy to share mine! This rub recipe is a great base to put your own flare on, so I also encourage you to go wild!


Smoked Devilled Eggs

Bored of the same old devilled eggs? This smoked version gives the eggs a new dimension of flavor!


Smoked Beef Roast

Beef roast is a fantastic cut of meat that has got a bad wrap over the past few years. Its seen as a cut of meat that is tough and hard to cook. That is not the case! It is a delicious cut of meat that is best cooked if it is slow smoked!


Cold Smoked Salmon

This is a quick and simple recipe to cold smoking fresh salmon. You will be left with mouth-watering smoked salmon to enjoy for weeks to come without paying those high supermarket prices!


Chipotle Cherry Smoked Duck

Smoked duck with dark crispy skin. The duck is smoked in a chipotle cherry sauce that would make anyone turn int a meat eater!