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Using herbs, spices, flowers and fruit to add flavour to life!

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Member Since: May 18, 2018

Last Posted Recipe: Dec 6, 2019

Lavender Ice-cream

This rich, creamy ice-cream, made with fresh lavender, is a taste of English summer!


Honey Cream Tea with Lavender Scones

Lavender flavoured scones, sandwiched with whipped cream and honey, are a fantastic variation on a traditional English Cream Tea


Red Slaw

Red Slaw looks pretty and is a great way to add healthy vegetables - red cabbage, carrot and radish - to your diet. Eat the rainbow!


Butternut Squash Tart with Chilli and Sage

This Butternut Squash Tart highlights the natural sweetness of squash and onions, balanced with a little chilli, and enhanced by aromatic sage.


Gooseberry Jam

This sweet and tangy home-made Gooseberry Jam is a real treat.


Rose Meringues

Pretty pink Rose Meringues, floral-scented and sandwiched with whipped cream are the perfect sweet summer treat.


Thyme Biscuits with Pinenuts

These crisp biscuits, flavoured with thyme and topped with crunch pinenuts are fantastic with ice-cream or just on their own.


Lavender Sugar

This sugar infused with delicious lavender can be used as a flavouring ingredient in cakes, puddings or ice-cream.


Thyme and Honey Ice-cream

Get cool in the hot weather with this ice-cream which combines the delicate flavours of thyme and honey with rich, creamy mascarpone.



Crisp meringue, billowing cream and sweet strawberries make this pavlova a winning dessert!


Strawberry and Cream Roulade

This roulade combines the classic flavours of strawberry and cream and makes a wonderful summer dessert.


Shallot Tart with Anchovy and Thyme

Crisp buttery pastry, sweet shallots, creamy mascarpone, salty anchovy and fragrant thyme make this quick and easy dish a winner!


Gooseberry and Elderflower Sorbet

Sweet and fruity with the lovely floral taste of elderflowers, this gooseberry sorbet is just the thing to cool you down in the heat!


Asparagus and Pea Soup with Chervil

A fresh-tasting summer soup, which can be eaten hot or cold, flavored with asparagus, peas and the delicate aniseed of chervil.



Crisp on the outside, gooey on the inside, these home-made meringues are so much better than ready-made ones.


Lemon Biscuits

These shortbread biscuits are soft and buttery. They are fabulous with ice-cream or sorbet or as an accompaniment to afternoon tea!


Elderflower Ice-cream

Luscious, home-made Elderflower Ice-cream is so easy to make and has a delicious floral flavor.


Elderflower Pannacotta

This lovely pannacotta is flavoured with elderflowers and served with a gooseberry syrup. The taste of English summer!


Mixed Herb Tartlets

Fresh herbs are the star of the show in these tartlets rather than just a supporting act!


Rhubarb and Vanilla Jam

Tangy home-made rhubarb and vanilla jam - lovely on crusty bread or as an ingredient in cakes or puddings


Filo triangles with edible flower salad

Crispy filo triangle with a choice of two fillings - roasted butternut squash, chili and pine nut or feta cheese and herb.