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Last Posted Recipe: May 26, 2018

Veg dum biryani recipe

Biryani is an appetizing recipe, that makes our day. We can make different types of biryani recipes. All are having a unique style of cooking and unique taste. Here, I come up with veg dum biryani recipe. Here, cooking under steam (dum), gives unique flavour to the recipe. In the preparation of veg dum biryani recipe, we can give dum to half boiled rice (cook with raw spices) with vegetables masala mixture (that contains spice powders).


Easy snack recipes, Indian style

You got tired of searching easy snack recipes, then here is the end of your search. Try these easy snack recipes, these are perfectly suitable for summer. Your loved ones will enjoy these snack recipes.


Medu vada recipe- Indian donut

Medu vada(indian donut ) is a famous south Indian recipe prepared with urud dal(split black gram). It can be served as a breakfast or snack. Coming to the texture of vada, it is crispy outside and soft inside.


Coconut rice recipe- nariyal chawal

Coconut rice  is a one of the south indian traditional rice recipe. I am cooking, rice with coconut flakes and some vegetables along with whole spices. I am preparing this recipe in my own style.  It is a super easy rice recipe. And very good for health. You can have coconut rice with any curry, dal, raita and it can also be better had without any side dishes


Chicken handi with malai recipe

In the preparation of chicken handi here, I am pre cooking the chicken to make it well cooked and to easliy blend with the spices. In a  pan we fry onion paste till oil separates. Later add finely chopped tomatoes, till oil separates. Later add chicken pieces. Once cooked, then add fried onions and spice powders. Next add curd to cook niecly. Now we add mince ginger and split green chillies. Once all cooked well, add little water and cook further. Finally add malai (cream) and stir well. That's it.


Tomato upma recipe with sooji rava

To prepare this tomato upma recipe, first fry the Channa dal, onions, green chillies and curry leaves. Later add tomato pieces, cook for 2 minutes. Later add double quantity of water to the sooji rava. Once water reached to boiling point, turn off the flame and pour rava slowly and mix well without any lumps. ( If you don't turn off the flame, while mixing rava you may get lumps). Finally decorate with roasted cashew nuts. This super easy upma recipe goes well with chutney or sambar. Or you can have it without out any sides.


Homemade orange soda recipe

We are using fresh oranges, sugar and club soda or sparkling water to prepare this orange soda. No  added flavours or preservatives used here. It's a healthy drink. Go ahead with it, without any hesitation.


Cheesy potato wafers

Cheesy potato wafers is unique in taste with crispy potato wafers ,  loaded with melted cheese and crunchy Vegetables. I want to give a twist to regular potato wafers, so i invented this cheesy potato wafers.


Egg omlette recipe

Egg omlette is one of the easy breakfast for our daily routine or we can have it as a side dish. Egg omlette is a very quick recipe we can make it in 10 minutes. It can be prepared in different ways, like plain omelette or we can add onions and green chilles etc. Here I am preparing omelette with  finely chopped onions and green chillies. This egg omlette goes well with plain rice, side dish or breakfast etc.


Palak paneer recipe

Palak paneer is one of the most famous recipes from north indian cusine. Delicious paneer(cottage cheese) in a creamy, tasty palak(spinach) gravy. This palak paneer curry gives you a restaurant style feel. It goes well with roti or rice. It is a soft curry and healthy too.


Tawa pulao recipe

Tawa pulao recipe(tava pulao recipe) is a famous mumbai street food recipe. Which is prepared by tossing boiled rice with different vegetables and pav bhaji masala ( which gives special taste). It is very easy to make and you can prepare with leftover rice also. In mumbai streets are full of famous delicious food hubs(like pav bhaji, vada pav, misal pav etc). This tawa pulao recipe in mumbai is prepared in the same tawa on which pav bhaji is prepared. We are using butter instead of oil, this will enrich the taste. While cooking this tawa pulao recipe, employ medium flame. Use kashmiri red chilli powder for nice reddish colour.


Mysore bonda recipe- Mysore bajji- how to

Mysore bonda is one of the famous south indian recipes, specially from mangalorian cuisine.  These dumplings are crispy outside and spongy inside. It can be served either as a breakfast or a snack. The main ingredients for this bonda recipe are refined flour (maida) and yogurt ( or buttermilk).