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Member Since: Feb 8, 2018

Last Posted Recipe: Mar 23, 2018

Vanilla Bean Cupcakes

Soft and fluffy one-bowl vanilla bean cupcakes, frosted with rich and yummy vanilla bean American buttercream.


Chinese Chicken and Potato Stew

This easy chicken and potato stew is a comfort food for many of us growing up. Children will also love this one-pot stew for the yummy gravy!


Berries Muffins

Soft and moist berries muffins, sprinkled with coarse raw sugar, diced almonds and desiccated coconut


Soft Wholemeal Honey Loaf Bread

A loaf of soft and fluffy wholemeal bread, with a subtle hint of sweet honey scent


Orange Nutella Swirl Muffins

Moist orange nutella swirl yogurt muffins


Laksa Cookies

Laksa Cookies - A taste of Southeast Asian spices in this savory-sweet cookie


Pandan Coconut Cookies

Pandan (Pandanus; Screwpine) is commonly used in the Southeast Asian kitchens. Over here, this Asian flavor combined with desiccated coconut to give these melt-in-mouth cookies a different flavor!


Iced Gem Biscuits

Nostalgic little iced gem biscuits


Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Crunchy brown sugar chocolate chip cookies. Great for cookie + chocolate chip lovers!