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We are more than just a food blog. We add color to yet another phase of your life. Let’s get inspired by a simple yet meaningful and important part of our life that’s eating. Let’s peek in ourselves and see the hidden creativity, build an art and give a beaut

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Member Since: Dec 17, 2017

Last Posted Recipe: Jan 13, 2018

Omelette du Fromage

Having Cheese Omelette for breakfast or supper can give you a good kick-start and makes you feel fuller till the next meal.


Spag Bol Recipe

Let's not wait more and finally move to Spaghetti Bolognese recipe.


Vegetable Cheese Cake-Ingredients

It has always been an excitement to do the opposite, try the unnecessary or eat an exact opposite requirement.


Fried Chocolate Glazed Donuts

A quickie in a Chocó recipe is all a savoury needed for an evening hunger respite.


Sweet and Sour Fish

All this while a plain saucy fish was just a little delight to my life and then I came across this sweet and sour taste for my favourite ingredient; fish.


Spaghetti Bolognese

Hola! Spaghetti lovers, cook the ultimate delight. For a day at home must not be wasted in boredom. Here’s the traditional Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe.


Grilled Dark Chocolate Sandwich

A quickie for chocolate dishes just serves the right need for low moods to lighten up. A pleasure just needed to either relax some more or lighten up on the mood.


Shochu Hot Chocolate

Give you hot chocolate the magic of Japanese Beverage – Shochu. The culture of Japan is traditionally inclined so is the values, entertainment they won't leave the touch of their oldies.


Lemon and Raspberry Cheesecake

We bring you the weird; and here it is ‘a tangy cheesecake’. With the addition of raspberries; it thus becomes the perfect newness to your routine cakes.


Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Let’s do some legends’ cook, for once feel the kick in becoming the 90s chef. Here is How you make a rich, dairy-free James Beard’s chocolate mousse. Trust me your journey to this amazing thing is just going to be a lickable delight at every step. Savor the making moments and also the aftermaths.


Colonel Sanders Special KFC Dressing Sauce

A new dressing for your salads and sandwiches can just pass your day through in yet another delight. Here is How to make Colonel Sanders Special KFC Dressing Sauce, ingredient by ingredient. Well sometimes in the cook mood I love to specials to please myself with restaurant like food all at my ease.