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I am a Fod Blogger loves to write about Food Stories and Recipes.

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Member Since: Sep 15, 2017

Last Posted Recipe: Sep 1, 2018

Chinese Manchow Soup

Make the delicious and mouthwatering soup in just a few minutes. Manchow soup its and tasty healthy Desi Chinese Manchow Soup Recipe. It’s easy and quick recipe to make at home served with love to your loved ones.


Rajma And Bell Pepper Pasta Recipe

Rajma Pasta with bell peppers is a super delicious recipe that’s also easy to make. It’s a must try dish that will be a fun but healthy surprise for your children when they open up their tiffin’s. Kissan Sweet and Spicy Sauce brings all the flavors together and gives the dish a tasty, tangy twist.


Veg Noodle Bhel Recipe

Veg Noodles Bhel is easy to make Healthy Tiffin Snack your child will love to eat. Veg Noodles Bhel is Tangy and Tasty your child will love to eat. Chinese Bhel is a fun, fusion recipe that’s always been a favorite with kids. This dish brings together a blend of noodles, onions, carrots and cabbage with a delicious dose of Chinese flavor. The Kissan Sweet and Spicy Sauce brings in a lovely contrast of flavors to this dish making it a fun tiffin treat.


Potato - Cheese Roesti Recipe

Replace your boring regular allo tikki with Potao and Cheese Roesti Recipe. Potato and Cheese Roesti is a fun food loved by all, Your Child will love eating Potato and Cheese Roesti.


How to make Urad Dal And Onion Pakoda

Urad Dal and Onion Pakoda is easy to make Tiffin Snack Recipe, Urad Dal and Onion Pakoda is the must have Recipe for your Child with tangy taste of Kissan Tomato Ketchup. Every child loves delicious pakodas, especially during the monsoons. With this Urad Dal and Onion Pakora recipe, Chef Ajay Chopra shows you how to make the perfect flavourful pakoda tiffin. Just add Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup and you can be sure that the pakodas taste just as good during the tiffin break as they do when they’re freshly made.


How to make Paneer And Multi Grain Bread B

Paneer and Multi Grain Bread Bonda is easy to make snack recipe for tiffin. Paneer and Multi Grain Bonda is Healthy and Tasty Recipe Must have for your child. This Paneer & Bread Bonda/Pakora is an easy recipe for a tasty and filling snack for your child’s tiffin. Add Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup to this Bread Paneer Bonda for the perfect balance of sweetness and zing that your child will love.


How to make Besan Tomato Omelette

Besan Tomato Omelette is Easy to make Veg Snack Recipe, Besan Tomato Omelette is Easy to make Tasty Tiffin Recipe. The Besan Tomato Omelette is a healthy Veg omelette recipe that is easy to make. Complimented with Kissan Tomato Ketchup it takes an altogether different fervour and flavour and renders a perfect taste that the kids so love and ensuring the tiffin comes back empty.


How to make Penne In Tomato Sauce

Penne in Tomato Sauce is the best Combo for Tiffin Snack, Flavors of Penne with Tangy Taste of Tomato Ketchup will make your Child love his Tiffin. Tomato Sauce Penne Pasta is a great recipe to pack in your child’s tiffin. Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup in the dish renders a perfectly balanced taste.


How to make Spanish Tortilla

Spanish Tortilla Recipe is mixture of Healthy egg, Potato, Onions with Kissan Tomato Ketchup. Spanish Tortilla is Healthy and Tasty Snack for your kid’s School Tiffin. Spanish Omelette/Tortilla recipe serves as a playful fun tiffin option with all the yumminess stuffed inside the omelette. Kids love it when you add on some Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup for a real tasty twist.


How to make Sweet And Sour Tofu

Sweet and Sour Tofu Recipe is Healthy and Tasty Snack, It is Must have food for Tiffin. Sweet and Sour Tofu with Kissan Tomato Ketchup will make your child love his Tiffin. Make this unique Sweet and Sour Tofu dish with some burnt garlic fried rice for your child’s tiffin. Add Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup to this dish to deliver a delectable taste with the perfect balance of sweetness and zing that your child will love.


How to make Mix Veg Bread Roll

Mix Veg Brad Roll is the must have Dish for your childs Tiffin. Mix Veg Roll Recipe is Easy to make Tasty Snack, With rich Taste of Kissan Tomato Ketchup it is one of the best Tiffin Recipe for your Child. Try out this irresistible Vegetable Stuffed Bread Roll for your little one. These bread rolls have every child’s favorite flavor of kissan fresh tomato ketchup with every bite!