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Schezwan Fried Rice

Chings Schezwan Fried Rice is Indo-Chinese cuisine and it is a much-loved cuisine among the Indians owing to its Delicious flavours and fresh, robust tastes. Schezwan Fried rice is a very versatile dish and you can make so many versions depending on the availability of ingredients and choice of vegetarian or non-vegetarian. When the taste of spices and herbs come in one plate and the aroma makes you feel like to eat entire plate.


Paneer Chilli Recipe

The traditionally Chilli is a non-vegetarian dish made with Chicken. Paneer chilli Recipe is modified form Chicken Chilli. It is most loveable and mouth-watering dish with the combination of two cuisines in one plate, which is happily consume by all and it is also has famous name as Desi Chinese Paneer Chilli. Paneer chilli flavoured with all the ethnic Chinese flavours is an all-time favourite that is really easy to prepare. Serve it as a starter or even as accompaniment for your main meal


Gobi Manchurian Recipe

Desi Chinese Gobi Manchurian easy to prepare, The Taste is delicious starter snack of Gobi Manchurian from the Indo-Chinese cuisine. The Gobi Manchurian recipe has two different versions Dry and Gravy which makes it excellent starter/side dish or snack. Gobi Manchurian is an Excellent and most delicious food item can be made at home with few staff.


Veg Chowmein Recipe

The Desi Veg Chowmein Recipe recipe is very easy and quick to make and it can be served for the entire family.Veg ChowMein is an Asian classic and a typical Indian street food dish known as Desi Chinese Veg Chowmein. Veg Chowmein India style are tawa or wok fried noodles with vegetables. This simple and tasty Chinese Veg chowmein is a classic that you can easily make it at home.


Schezwan Dosa

Dosa is most loveable dish in south India it is served in different verity with different chutney during breakfast, lunch and even in dinner, now many chefs like to invent new dosa just like Schezwan Dosa, it is the combination of Chinese Schezwan with India food and getting popular in worldwide and except by all food lovers. Chinese Dosa Recipe or Schezwan Dosa recipe is very easy and quick to make at home without much ado.


Schezwan Poha By Harpal

Poha is Indian dish it is mostly found in the state of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Telangana, Karnataka, the serving techniques is unique in every state, it is served with onion, ussal, or with different species. It is mostly eat in the breakfast time or snacks time It is a high carbohydrate, low fat, quick meal that can be made in minutes. Here is new idea which changes the taste of traditional poha. And come with schezwan Poha and its getting attention of poha lover.


Schezwan Masala Pav

Schezwan masala pav is inspired by Indian street dish vada Pav and Pav Bhaji it is mostly famous in Mumbai (India), so here is new dish “Schezwan masala pav” it is said that it is a combination of three different dish in one plate. The herbs and spices are used in it is totally Indian with Chinese taste