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Chewable Structures

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Welcome to Chewable Structures! Check out my weekly videos and blogs to see how to build fun edible structures. After all, why cook your food when you can build it!

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Member Since: Jun 21, 2017

Last Posted Recipe: Nov 20, 2017

Watermelon Fruit Train

Ditch your boring fruit salad and build this watermelon train. Hop onboard because this train is leaving the station. Choo-choo!


Haunted House Chocolate Brownie

This haunted house chocolate brownie topped with shaved almond shingles will scare your friends with sweetness. Happy Halloween!


How To Make Eiffel Tower Using Blueberries

I'm showing you how to make Eiffel Tower using fresh blueberries. Check out the full video and recipe on my website.


Fun Snacks to Make- Cheese and Charcuterie

Are you looking for fun snacks to make this holiday? Try building this fun cheese and charcuterie tree.


Stackable Gummy LEGO JELL-O Candy Pyramid

Have fun eating and building this stackable gummy LEGO JELL-O pyramid.


Fourth of July American Flag Made of Gummy

This American flag made of stackable Lego gummies is a chewy treat for July 4th. Creamy coconut, cherry red and berry blue JELL-O gummies.


Rainbow Cloud Chocolate Brownies

Celebrate Pride Month with these cloud-shaped chocolate brownies topped with a chewy rainbow.