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Member Since: May 13, 2017

Last Posted Recipe: Nov 13, 2017

Mexican Hot Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls


Mini Chocolate Spiderweb Cheesecakes

Soft, velvety bites of chocolate cheesecake topped with a silky chocolate ganache and pretty white chocolate spiderweb designs, are the perfect treat for your Halloween bash.


Oreo Brownie Mummies

These mummy faces are made with ganache, candy eyes, and white chocolate bandages set atop fudgy, Oreo brownies. Super easy to make and absolutely delightful, these Oreo Brownie Mummies are the perfect Halloween treat!


Ultimate Deep Dish S'mores Pie

Featuring four luscious layers of silky chocolate ganache and a marshmallow-like meringue, this s’mores pie is like no other and one you will not want to miss!


Colossal Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream

This Colossal Chocolate Ice Crem starts with a creamy, no-churn base and is filled with an assortment of chocolate. From fudgy chunks of brownie and chocolate chips, to a hot fudge swirl, this recipe will be sure to please all chocolate lovers!


Red, White - Blue Shortcake

Enjoy a fun twist on a summer classic with these Red, White & Blue Shortcakes! Featuring fluffy blueberry cream cheese biscuits, a sweet and juicy strawberry topping, and creamy homemade whipped cream.


Peach Scones with Vanilla Glaze

Peach Scones with Vanilla Glaze: soft, tender scones filled with bits of peach and topped with a vanilla glaze. Easy to make and perfect for summer!


Mini S'mores Brownies

Mini S’mores Brownies: Dense. Fudgy. Perfectly decadent. Easy. Everything you love about s’mores and brownies is compacted into this delicious dessert no one will be able to turn down!