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nuts about vegan

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Member Since: Apr 29, 2017

Last Posted Recipe: Aug 27, 2017

Three of a kind Bruschettas

Most tasty and superduper easy starter recipe. So, for the diversity there are three different kinds of bruschetta: Classic tomato, healthy champignons and fresh rocket salad. Overall the perfect Italian appetiser!


Crispy Apple Topped Chia Pudding

Nutrient-rich, exclusive chia pudding with crispy apple topping. It provides you with all the energy for the perfect start in the morning. Ready in only 15 minutes.


Creamy Vegan Cacao Coconut Drink

Chocolaty, refreshing and delicious Creamy Cacao Coconut Drink stuffed with only 3 healthy ingredients. Perfect breakfast smoothie and snack!


Mixed Greens Asian Style With Tofu

Mixed greens and tofu with a sweet and spicy soy sauce. The perfect side for jasmine rice, roasted bread or noodles like soba, udon or rice. Flavourful, easy and ready in 15 minutes!


Udon noodle with peanut butter sauce

Udon noodles with savoury peanut butter sauce including vegetables. Ready in 25 minutes! Vegan, healthy and incredibly delicious.