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I eat. In fact, I love to eat. My palette is diverse and I'm never afraid to try new cuisines and dishes. Dining out in restaurants isn't a thing most people can do everyday, so I decided to learn to make super food at home. Now, every time we have guests, my

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Member Since: Mar 21, 2017

Last Posted Recipe: Jun 19, 2017

Seafood Paella

Seafood Paella (paella de marisco), this Valencian classic is probably the world's most well known type of Paella. Easy to make at home, this recipe will whisk your taste buds straight to Spain


Classic French Onion Soup

Picture yourself, half frozen, working terrible hours in the produce markets of 18th century Paris. What do you have to look forward to today. How about some hot onion soup, with croutons and Gruyere cheese. That’s sure to warm you up and put a smile on your face. A delicious soup, that’s easy to whip up and tastes great.


Venison Wellington

Venison Wellington with Roast Chestnut and cranberry duxelles. A delicious twist, on the classic beef wellington


Spiced lamb summer salad

My Spice lamb summer salad, a wonderfully fresh salad, that combines beautifully spiced lamb with a fruit burst from the fresh papaya and pomegranate seed. Perfect for a lunch on a warm summer's day. Easy to make and sure to impress.


Buddha's Delight (Lo Han Jai)

Developed by Buddhist monks, this vegetarian dish was traditionally eaten on the first day of the New Year and has become a popular vegetarian option for many Chinese and oriental themed restaurants around the world


Cottage cheese and corn, pancake stacks

Delicious pancakes with corn and scallions, layered with smoked bacon and caramelised banana and topped of with yoghurt and Habanero sauce


One pot aromatic pork with rice

One pot aromatic pork with rice, a really simple recipe that produces excellent results, with very little cleanup afterwards.


Classic Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict, a classic American breakfast or brunch menu item. From it’s New York origins, this iconic dish has become instantly recognisable worldwide, but is surprisingly easy to make at home.


Three Herb Prawn Fettucine

A delicious Italian inspired dish, that marries prawns (shrimp in U.S.) with a creamy white wine and herb sauce.