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Cardamom and Tea is a Middle Eastern food blog with delicious recipes and lovely photos.

Member Since: Mar 19, 2017

Last Posted Recipe: May 9, 2017

beata't tdamata

Beata't tdamata is similar to the more well-known shakshuka, a delicious North African dish, but with a Levantine twist.


Lebanese Baharat

A baharat of pepper, paprika, cumin, coriander, cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom transforms any bland dish into a feast for the senses.


baklava frozen yogurt

Sweet, creamy, and fragrant baklava frozen yogurt is the perfect way to use up those last few pieces of leftover baklava.


Buried Cheese

My family made this cheese on their farm in Syria, where they would bury it in clay jars underground. It’s easy to make at home and goes great with everything.


Sesame Samoon

Samoon is a Middle Eastern sesame roll, which can be eaten with kebab for dinner, with jam for breakfast, or plain with bread and butter anytime.


Olive Oil Rose Baklava

This walnut baklava is basted in olive oil, drizzled with honey and rose water, and topped with rose petals and toasted pistachios.


black bean bulgur kebabs

These black bean bulgur kebabs with a za’atar salsa make a lovely vegan alternative to traditional beef kebabs.


dates eight ways

A roundup of eight tasty ways to stuff dates: four are vegan, seven are gluten free, three are savory, five are sweet, and all are scrumptious.


pita and sumac fattoush

Fattoush is a Middle Eastern vegan salad, similar to Tuscan panzanella, which can be eaten as a side salad or turned into a main course with one simple addition.