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Member Since: Jul 8, 2016

Last Posted Recipe: Jan 19, 2018

Spanish Rice

This easy Spanish Rice recipe has been a mainstay in my family for as long as I can remember. It's a really quick recipe which makes it perfect to make on a weeknight and is great for back-to-school. Delicious tomato sauce combines so well with ground beef and rice- the whole family will love this homemade, healthy meal!


Puff Pastry Breakfast Pizza

This Puff Pastry Breakfast Pizza recipe is super easy and fast. You can put whatever toppings on it, but I love it with bacon, eggs and cheese. This is great for brunch, Christmas morning or a nice, relaxing weekend breakfast!


Thirty Minute Stuffed Peppers Rice Skillet

This 30 Minute Stuffed Peppers Rice Skillet recipe is the perfect dinner for a busy weeknight. This easy dinner comes together in just 30 minutes and you can use Turkey Sausage to make it a healthy option. It's cheesy, delicious and full of flavor- perfect for busy nights when the kids are back-to-school!


Quick and Easy Chocolate Pudding Cake

This quick and easy Chocolate Pudding Cake recipe is a delicious cake mix hack! There are only five simple ingredients and the result is the most perfectly moist cake you'll ever taste. This is an awesome last-minute dessert to throw together and it's so good that people will have no idea it's from a box!


Greek Couscous Salad

This Greek Couscous Salad recipe is a light and healthy side dish for lunch or dinner. It's quick and easy to make and is full of delicious flavors of Feta cheese, vegetables, olives and fresh herbs.


Pasta Pomodoro

This Pasta Pomodoro recipe is a simple pasta. The flavors of deliciously fresh tomatoes, basil and garlic come together in a sauce for this quick and easy weeknight meal.