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Member Since: May 10, 2016

Last Posted Recipe: Oct 16, 2018

Swiss chard, salmon, acini de pepe pasta

This quick Swiss chard, Salmon and acini de pepe pasta warm salad gets a proper lift with the added fresh herbs (from own garden) like lovage, dill and parsley. A delicious colourful and so vibrant lunch or dinner.


Red quinoa, pineapple, Halloumi cheese salad

I might be nuts to think of having this as a dessert but I do. This mixed fruits with quinoa, coconut, halloumi cheese and maple syrup is so delicious that could easily have tonnes of it. Utterly nutritious and super delicious.


Halloumi and asparagus quiche in filo base

Try this ultimate asparagus quiche, a seasonal and so delicious expression of spring, with halloumi cheese in a light filo base.


Double coffee lush chocolate cake

This fudgy chocolate cake is rich, moist and absolutely irresistable. Perfect choice foa any mocha cakes lovers. The coffee icing is absolutely to die for making this double coffee lush chocolate cake so moreish and an absolute winner for any party or any occassion.


Gluten free Almond, organic cacao squares

This Gluten-Free Almond, sour cherries and cacao bites are made from just six basic ingredients, hardly involve any effort in preparing them and are so delicious.


Chickpeas quick snack with turmeric

A great way to snack on this healthy chickpeas, turmeric, red onion and chilly flakes, moreish and pretty addictive. So truly yummy!


Giant potato and cauliflower filo samosa

This samosa, despite being almost made from scratch is so easy to make and a lot healthier than the regular deep fried samosas.


Mixed grilled veggies chicken casserole

Try this scrumptious chicken casserole with mixed grilled veggies and polenta, a ‘taste jackpot’ for your taste buds.


Summer courgette salad

It’s summer, the best season for a courgette/zucchini salad, a quick to prepare, garlic friendly, tasty summer salad.


Medjoul dates, lime, walnut pie

Savor this exquisite lime, dates and walnut pie, a bake-free, gluten-free, sugar-free and totally flavorful pie.


Baked pepper, cheese and broccoli omelette

Choose & prepare the right starter meal, with this high protein baked broccoli, cheese and pepper omelette.


Gluten-free Peach - ground almond cake

Enjoy this sweet peach & almond cake, a fast-to-prepare dessert for kids and adults alike.


Berries - amaretti cheesecake

Enjoy this enticing amaretti and berries cheesecake, a delicious dessert treat suitable for all, kids and adults alike, no matter the occasion.


Exotic barbecued prawns

Get your grill ready and amaze everyone with these succulent barbecued prawns, an appetizing exotic seafood treat.