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Member Since: Feb 9, 2016

Last Posted Recipe: Jan 25, 2017

Mini Chocolate Coffee Pie

This mini coffee pie cup is an egg-free decadent dessert to serve on any celebration or you can easily replace your evening coffee and snack with a pie cup. Your coffee and snack in a mini cup!


Mango Pudding with Coconut Milk

Mango Pudding known as pradhaman is a delectable dessert of South Indian Cuisine. This creamy and fruitful sweet makes all the time spend in the kitchen worthwhile


Fried Plantain Chips

The plantain chips are the most popular crackers in Kerala, especially during Onam festival. Here is the homemade version of the salty snacks served in Sadya and breakfast during Onam.


Homemade Mandarin Orange Wine

An alcoholic beverage with a strong citrus flavor - that is homemade Mandarin Orange Wine is all about.