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Member Since: Mar 21, 2015

Last Posted Recipe: May 25, 2015

Blue Cinnamon Lemonade

Today we'll make Blue Cinnamon Lemonade, a cool, refreshing cousin of the simple lemonade. We’ll use Blue Curacao, Cinnamon, fresh lemons and sugar syrup.


Masala Poha

Poha or Flattened Rice is a very popular and common dish all across India. It is prepared in different ways in different regions.In Bengal it is typically served with curd and fruits to soothe the stomach during summers, in Assam it is served with milk too whereas in the western region like Maharashtra it is made like a pulao with curry leaves, mustard seeds,onions, peanuts etc. The taste may vary from region to region but the flattened rice is basically a very healthy breakfast/snack option.


Beer Marinated Grilled Chicken

Exploring Brazilian Cuisine this month... This Beer Marinated Grilled Chicken was a thrilling experience filled with excitement,suspense and drama ;)...Excitement because I was going to try something new... Had never combined Chicken and Beer together... Suspense because I was not sure about the outcome and the dancing of the flames on the chicken while grilling created the drama. An easy to make recipe...Tender grilled chicken with soft and subtle flavours filled with the aroma of Beer... A must try if you are as crazy as I am...


Cheesy Okra Fritters

An Quick & Easy to make high tea recipe with Okra and Cheese.



Tangiroska is a Brazilian Cocktail. It is a refreshing variation of Caipirinha - Brazil's National Cocktail. A perfect cooler to beat the scorching summer heat.


Madlouaha (Lebanese Nights)

Madlouaha or Lebanese Nights or Layali Lubnan is a beautiful Lebanese Dessert which is simple, easy and quick to make and so refreshing that it will leave you with pure satisfaction.


Banana Raisins Choco Chips Cake

The Best thing you can do with overripe bananas. Add in Choco Chips and Raisins and you have the most delectable cake ready in a jiffy.


Chicken Pakodas (Chicken Fritters)

A quick fix recipe for Chicken Cravings... Fritters ready in a jiffy without any marination time.


Yakhni (Mutton)

Yakhni is a Kashmiri dish with soft, succulent mutton pieces in yogurt based gravy.


Veggies and Cheese Overload Pizza

Overloaded with Veggies and Cheese, Stringy, gooey with a chewy and crunchy home made base.


Cheesy Herb Mathri Cigars

Cheesy Herb Mathri Cigars - These Cheesy herb mathri cigars are a perfect tea time cigars. Overloaded with Cheese and flavoured with Herbs is what makes it a must try.


Rose Basundi

Rose Basundi is a popular dessert made by reducing milk to a creamy texture. The fragrance of rose gives it a soft and subtle flavour.


Balsamic Roasted Cherry Ice Cream

The Balsamic Glaze adds a unique tanginess to the sweet Cherries which when combined with the sweetness of Ice Cream gives an exotic flavour. The flavours are absolutely heavenly and are so different from the usual ice creams, that it becomes a must try for all the exotic ice cream lovers.