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Masterchef 2014, Popup Restaurateur and Private Chef. features delicious video recipes, some inspired by Greece and Cyprus, others because they just taste so good! Check out my youtube channel as well -

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Member Since: Mar 4, 2015

Last Posted Recipe: Nov 26, 2015

Rosemary and Lemon Dressing

Cypriot inspired Rosemary and Lemon dressing or marinade - perfect with lamb (especially lamb ribs!)


Roasted Lamb Ribs with Rosemary and Lemon

Delicious roasted lamb ribs served with a rosemary and lemon dressing; hint of Cypriot flavours


Vietnamese Beef Salad

Asian style beef salad, perfect lunch or dinner for something spicy, fragrant and healthy!


Burnt Carrot - Cumin Soup

Winter lunch, carrot and cumin soup with burnt carrot and cumin seed topping


Bad Boy Chunky Chips w Rosemary Salt

Bad boy chunky chips with rosemary salt, nothing delicate about these! Cook, eat, enjoy.. there is nothing more comforting than a good chip!


Halva Greek Dessert

A traditional and delicious Greek dessert - Halva. Unique taste with toasted semolina, sweet, sticky, indulgent - what more do you want?!


Beef Stifado - traditional Greek Stew

Traditional Greek Stew - Stifado! Fragrant, delicious and must have stew to send your tastebuds to a Greek taverna


Deep Fried Ice Cream Eggs!

Deep fried ice cream looks like a boiled egg with soldiers! Great fun dessert to give a few surprises!


Brazilian Black Bean Stew - Feijoada

A seductive and delicious, traditional'ish Brazilian Black Bean Stew! Total comfort food - carnivale in a bowl!


Mr Wei's Sweet and Sour Duck Stir Fry

Delicious sweet and sour duck stir fry, taught to me whilst enjoying our stay at Mr. Wei's in Guilin province of China


Deep Fried Calamari Asian Style

Salt and Pepper Squid - how to make the most crunchy, crispy, spicey deep fried calamari Asian style ever!


Leftovers Soup with Hummus

A delicious leftovers soup ideal for Spring. The secret ingredient being a dollop of hummus! Leftovers Soup Greek Style!