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The Finer Cookie will show you how to make beautiful and meltingly delicious cookies.

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Member Since: Mar 2, 2015

Last Posted Recipe: Feb 29, 2016

Seed Cookies

These not-too-sweet, very adventurous cookies are noisy crunchy. Add your favorite seeds and enjoy. Recipe and tutorial online.


Star Anise Espresso Macaron

Star Anise Espresso Macarons with Pear and Cinnamon Jelly are classic macaron with a sophisticated and elegant twist.


Cocoa Swirl Meringues

Cocoa Swirl Meringues have a crispy shell with chocolate syrup laced through the chewy center. Gluten free. Recipe and tutorial online.


Orange Truffles

Orange Truffles are rich and citrusy confections are beautiful and satisfying. Gluten free, and very easy to make.


Tequila Cookies

These cookies are a fresh and fruity summer dessert with a crackly texture. They mimic the Margarita with tequila, orange, lime and salt. Recipe and tutorial online.


Luxury Oatmeal Cookies

If you love maple syrup, raisins and chocolate, these oatmeal cookies with a glass of milk, is heaven. A kid favorite and easy to make and bake.


Cinnamon Slices

These crispy cookies are fragrant with cinnamon and easy to love. They're light, satisfying and not too sweet. Kids love them! Quick to make.


Panellete de Pinyon

These easy going marzipan pine nuts are versatile. Enjoy them with cheese, cocktails or serve as an elegant dessert. Gluten and dairy free.


Nougat aux Fruits

Packed with almonds, pistachios and cranberry, and sweetened with honey, this nougat will satisfy any craving.