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Blog that deals with dessert: "good-looking, tasty and easy-to-do". It's KokiDoo!

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Member Since: Oct 22, 2014

Last Posted Recipe: Oct 26, 2015

Dipped Macaroons with Red Berries Buttercr

Pink Candy Melt-Dipped Macaroons shells filled with fluffy, fruity Red currant and Raspberry buttercream.


Vanilla Ice Cream Cake with Brownies

Treat yourself with this refreshing Vanilla Ice Cream Cake with luscious Brownies and Chocolate Fudge Sauce!


Blondies with White Chocolate Lime Sauce

Blondies, Strawberries and Chocolate Lime Sauce is simply a great combination! Amazing with vanilla ice cream!


Liquorice Pannacotta with Berries

Close your eyes and enjoy the intense, smooth and creamy liquorice flavour, fresh berries and meringues of this vegetarian pannacotta!


Cardamom and Blueberry Cake

Luscious Cake with cardamom cake layers and magnificent Blueberry Swiss Meringue Buttercream Frosting crowned with fresh blueberries and meringues


Red Orange and Lemon Bars

Crispy crust covered with soft, fruity, creamy, tangy citrus fruit!


Easter Nougat Cream

This Easter Nougat Cream is slightly fluffy, smooth and soft which make the texture of this cream great. Together with the intense nougat flavour, You will have a nice tasting experience.


Orange Coconut Popsicles

Creamy, cold, fruity, extremely easy-to-do, refreshing, enjoyable. Orange Coconut Popsicles


Cherry Heart Pastries

Crispy heart-shaped shells filled with thick, intense, black cherry jam!


Banana Split Cupcakes

Delicious banana and chocolate cupcakes covered by ice cream frosting and topped with a cherry!


Sunshine Citrus Cake

Have a taste of summer with this Sunshine Citrus Cake filled with lemon and red orange curd and covered with delicious lemon frosting!


Heart-shaped Chocolate Tart

Fluffy, delicious, chocolate cream in a tasty peanut butter heart-shaped tart


Almond and Lingonberry Mini Cupcakes

Cute, pink, gluten-free Cupcakes with almonds and lingonberry topped with white chocolate frosting