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myindiantaste's dishfolio

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Expat in India, learning to cook Indian food.

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Member Since: Sep 3, 2014

Last Posted Recipe: Jun 9, 2015

Okra-gumbo stir fry

Okra/lady fingers/bhindi stir fry - a delicious South Indian dish.


Chicken Reshmi Kebabs

Chicken meat marinated in a blend of yogurt, fresh cream, almonds, cashew nuts, cilantro and fenugreek leaves, and a mix of fragrant spices, then grilled until tender and succulent.


Indian masala chicken nuggets

Chicken pakora - gluten free chicken snack made with a special spiced chickpea flour batter. A healthier Indian version of chicken nuggets.


Indian cheese curry with vegetables

Paneer Jalfrezi recipe – Indian cottage cheese (paneer) with mixed vegetables and spices. A flavored and kids friendly Indian vegan dish.


Aloo gajar matar recipe

Dry vegetarian curry with potatoes, carrots, peas and Indian spices. A very delicious and kids friendly vegetarian dish.