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Treat and Trick

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Collection of home cooked and tested recipes from my kitchen comprising of main/side dish, snack, dessert, bread, cookies, noodle, pasta, eggless, vegetarian and many more. For more kindly visit :

Member Since: Feb 10, 2011
Last Seen on: May 14, 2014 at 11:37AM

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Last Posted Recipe: May 14, 2014

Tuna Pizza Cups

You'll love these cute and flavorful Tuna Pizza Cups baked in muffin tin


Eggless Coffee Brownies

Unite the flavor of coffee and chocolate in this delightful treat


Dairy Free & Egg Free Orange Cake

Darn easy to make and loaded with citrus flavor

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Eggless Apple Cake

This low fat Eggless Apple Cake is loaded with cubed apples


Soft Butter Rolls

These Soft Butter Rolls have a pleasing light texture and flavor that you will not miss them


Daisy Cookies/Biskut Dahlia

These cookies made their appearance during festive seasons but they are now available all year round during Chinese New Year, Idul Fitri, Diwali and Christmas. They are basically butter cookies that are light, crumbly and literally melt in your mout


Spiral Apple Bread

This Spiral Apple Bread would definitely makes a lovely addition to any breakfast party. Not only they are pretty but tasted great as well.


Healthy Breakfast Bars

Healthy and quick treat for the whole family


Fruity Jello

Prepare this Fruity Jello before bed or while you are making dinner for a fast and filling breakfast the next day. Using mixture of dried fruit. rolled oat and dragon fruit, this jelly is refreshingly fabulous.


Back of the Bag Oatmeal Rolls

These fluffy Oatmeal Rolls go perfectly with any meal. They have a delicious homemade flavor that's irresistible.


Date Tart

If you are looking for dessert, you should try this mini tart filled with dates


Savory Onion Corn Bread

Quick and savory bread loaded with healthy ingredients


Diary Free Oatmeal Banana Squares

Combination of rolled oat, banana and brown sugar makes this egg free dessert our family favorite


Eggless Marble Banana Cake (1)

Super easy to make, contains no egg and low fat.


Eggless Marble Banana Cake

Low fat and egg free Marble Cake with banana, super easy to make


Low Fat Banana Cake (Eggless)

Insanely delicious banana cake which is low in fat and egg free


Milk Coffee Buns

Fluffy buns with a hint of coffee flavor


Pecan Balls

These buttery and melt in the mouth balls are perfect treat for any occasion


Pumpkin Pulao

A spicy pulao with pumpkin. A healthy way to make your rice more interesting and flavorful


Yeasted Chocolate Brownies (Eggless)

Dark and moist brownies made with yeast. Extremely addicting!


Rendang Ayam (Chicken)

Chicken pieces slow cooked until tender with coconut milk and freshly ground spices


Ultimate Oatmeal Cookies

Easy and yummy oatmeal cookies with mixed peel and less sugar


Sesame & Almond Slice

Healthy and delicious slice for your kid on busy mornings


Quick Apple Jam

This is the easiest recipe for apple jam. It is soft, spreadable and delicious.


Sesame Rings

Sesame seeds and dry yeast are the two star ingredients in this yummy brunch or breakfast dish


Raisin Bread

Such an easy and wonderful bread. Perfect for breakfast or in between snack.