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My name is Alissa, I’m 23. A former vegetarian. A current wholefoods nut. And a continually curious foodie. Cooking and baking have always been big interests of mine and over the years I’ve become more and more conscious of exactly what goes into my body (

Member Since: Jan 29, 2011

Last Posted Recipe: Aug 9, 2011

Pear Slice with an Almond Crust

Is this the world's healthiest dessert?


Burnt Maple & Coconut Ice Cream

Get your hands of this delicious Vegan Burnt Maple & Coconut Ice Cream


Pomegranate Soaked Almond & Hazelnut Cake

Sweet meets sour with this Pomegranate Soaked Almond and Hazelnut Cake


Quinoa Ravioli

Quinoa Ravioli Stuffed with Mushroom and Olive Tapenade


Buckwheat Donuts

Buckwheat in donuts? Gluten free and vegan. Plus a Babycakes review.


Coconut Glazed Pumpkin and Cinnamon Scroll

Delicious scrolls that are gluten free AND vegan!!


Homemade Pumpkin Puree

So versatile and so easy. Why buy canned pumpkin puree when you can make it fresh!?


Gluten Free and Vegan Cookies?

Pistachio, Cranberry and White Chocolate Chip Cookies!


Rosemary Roasted Cashews

Simple and delicious! I love having these rosemary roasted cashews on hand for an easy, nutritious snack.