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Suzanneper's dishfolio

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I live in New Zealand in a house overlooking the Pacific Ocean with my husband and son. I am a marketing manager during the day and a blogger during the evening. My passions are cooking, travel, movies, books and interior design.

Member Since: Feb 24, 2012

Last Posted Recipe: Dec 20, 2012

Mexican Chicken Mole

This is a versatile dish which can be served with rice, couscous or tortillas.


Vegetarian Samosas

Vegetarian samosas from a lady who comes to our office with a basket of homemade goodies.


Grilled Prawns with Spaghetti

This is great celebration food as it is so quick and easy to make yet tastes fantastic.


Chicken Cheesesteaks

Dinner doesn't have to be meat and three vegetables all arranged on a plate. Put it all in a sandwich and it feels more casual.


Chicken Avocado Wraps

This is my fall-back dinner when my brain fails me.


Fats Lasagna al Forno with Spinach

This is the fastest lasagne I know – prepared and cooked in less than an hour.


Roasted Vegetable Tart

There’s something rather French about tarts but you find these rustic ones in Italy as well. Nothing fancy happens with the pastry. You just lie it flat, pile the ingredients in the middle and fold up the edges to create a kind of shell. Then put it in a hot oven and watch it brown.


Chilli Prawn Pasta

This pasta sauce is so easy and it has ingredients that we always have in the cupboards. I threw in some big fat prawns to make a more rounded meal.