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singapore shiok

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Mum, blogger, food writer and all around greedy girl.

Member Since: Nov 28, 2011

Last Posted Recipe: Dec 20, 2012

lime drink with pandan

limeade like you've never tasted before, made gorgeous with pandan!


kerabu kacang botol or wing bean salad

leafy winged beans, fresh coconut, toasted shrimps, chillies and lemongrass all add up to amazing flavor, goodness, color and crunch in the same bowl


kueh bakar (baked pandan cake)

A malay cake rich with coconut and fragrant with the gorgeous scent of pandan. A sesame seed topping adds crunch and a nutty note.


sambal kerang (cockle sambal)

Fresh, briny shelled cockles smothered in a thick, fiery sambal. A chilli lover's delight!


acar (mixed vegetable pickle)

A crunchy, spicy, sweet and tangy Asian style mix of vegetables that goes with just about any savoury dish.


kueh keria (malay sweet potato donuts)

Fluffy, moist Malay sweet potato donuts enrobed in a crisp sugar shell.


beef rendang

Chunks of beefy goodness tenderised and perfumed with coconut milk, spices and Asian herbs.