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thehathicooks's dishfolio

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I'm an avid eater, medical student, and dancer learning to cook to fuel my love of food!

Member Since: Oct 18, 2011

Last Posted Recipe: Oct 25, 2016

Spiced Red Chickpeas with Jaggery

Nutty red chickpeas accented by spicy chili, sweet jaggery, and sour kokum, leading to a beautifully balanced dish to celebrate this humble bean


Bacon, Cheddar, Spring Onion Scones

The best bacon, cheddar, spring onion scones. A delicious, savory pastry perfect for anytime of day!


Garam Masala ni Dal

Garam masala ni dal, a delicious lentil soup accented with tomatoes and homemade garam masala.


Basile Honey Pine Nut Praline Ice Cream

Make better ice cream using some simple science. Sweet basil ice cream with a rich honey pine nut praline.


Coconut Mustard Seed Beets

A delicious South Indian style beet dish, rich with coconut, mustard, and curry leaves.


Homemade Chicago style Deep Dish Pizza

Homemade Chicago style deep dish pizza complete with cornmeal crust and sauce on top!


Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun--a delicious Indian dessert of golden fritters with saffron-cardamom syrup.


Saffron Milk

Saffron dissolving in milk, the first step to making a classic Indian dessert--Shiro


Garam Masala Meatballs

Indian style meatballs, rich and spicy with garam masala. Best eaten with lots of lime and onion!