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Food Blogger Interview: Tracy of The Culinary Jumble

Tracy - TheCulinaryJumble-portraitTracy - TheCulinaryJumble-logoTracy - TheCulinaryJumble-recipeToday, we're talking to another wonderful Dishfolio food blogger: Tracy of The Culinary Jumble who discusses about homemade, made from scratch meals and desserts.

What's the main idea of your blog?

I want to show the world my culinary creations, and with an increasing number of followers on Wordpress, it seems that I am achieving just that! Although I love baking and showing off my recipes, I would love for it to become more serious so that I can earn (or partly) a living from it!

What ingredient do you love but have a hard time locating?

Coconut oil! It just isn't readily available here in Sweden. After I got hold of it, I couldn't imagine why everyone wasn't using it!

What' writing style do you use?

I like to sound everyday on my blog - I write as I would talk to someone, and make my layout easy to read and follow.

What ethical food issues get you and your audience talking?

Clean eating is my thing all the way. I cook from fresh 99% of the time, and couldn't imagine it being any other way. I am also all for wholemeal flour, reducing fat and sugar where I can, and limiting the gluten we eat.

Describe your all-time favorite recipe.

Homemade pizza! I make the dough from scratch, and pile on tons of ingredients such as bacon, meatballs, peppers, onions, chillies - everything goes! Topped with lashings of cheese, of course!

Give us your best food photography tip.

Get the lighting right!

Discuss your cookbook philogophy.

I own about ten, and most often reach for my muffins book, full of sweet and savoury muffins!

What's next? Where's your blog going in the future?

I am not sure. I think continued effort to produce innovative and quirky recipes that are easy to follow and look great, and further interaction with other bloggers and sites such as Dishfolio (which is by far my favourite submission site!)

Thanks again to Tracy of The Culinary Jumble for participating in this interview!

Strawberry Cheesecake with Coconut Base

Creamy dessert topped with fresh strawberries and a coconut base. Simple and made from scratch!


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Delicious soft cupcakes topped with rich chocolate cream cheese frosting, decorated with chocolate toffee chunks