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January 12: Explore New Dessert Options this National Marzipan Day

Take a step beyond your usual frosting recipe this Marzipan Day! Marzipan is a paste of almond meal and sugar used on special occasion cakes because it holds its shape well. It has a great nutty flavor and is considered a high-class option for desserts. It also is shaped into small candies as a fun treat.

Dishfolio food photographers discovered online food recipes that are both flavorful and attractive. Many shapes for marzipan candies are quite creative which is why they represent great food styling along with being a fun option for sweets. As it has few ingredients, marzipan is also easy to make at home. Try some new cakes with a marzipan glaze to enjoy its traditional use. Or find fun candy molds to create bite-sized enjoyment. Only your imagination is the limit for marzipan's many options!

Marzipan Parfait

A nice ice-cream style dessert, Marzipan Parfait.


Minty-Marzipan Filled Chocolate Hearts

Perfect for Valentine's Day, these chocolate hearts hide a surprising minty marzipan filling. Vegan, GF.


Carrot marzipan balls

Typical Christmas dessert in Spain, carrot marzipan balls. gluten free


Cranberry Marzipan Cookies

Buttery, delicious shortbread cookies, cranberry filling, and a sweet, nutty almond marzipan ring to hold it together.


Chocolate Covered Marzipan Rum Balls

A traditional Sicilian sweet: marzipan balls filled with rum soaked raisins and topped with melted dark chocolate.


Marzipan Brownies

Marzipan Brownies: Rich brownies infused with the nutty aroma of almonds. They taste like elevated nanaimo bars!


Buche de Noel

Chocolate Buche de Noel, syruped with rum, filled with vanilla custard, wrapped in marzipan and glazed with orange flavoured chocolate.


Marzipan-Pistachio Pavlova

Classic Pavlova with pistachio marzipan whipped cream. Perfect supper cake. Scroll down for recipe in English.


Simnel Cake

This special cake for Easter... marzipan and a fruit sponge cake... just try it... (in Spanish with translator on sidebar)


Chocolate Battenberg Cake

Chocolate and vanilla cake wrapped in marzipan and drizzled with chocolate ganache. And a giveaway!


Suet free cherry and marzipan mincemeat

suet free cherry and marzipan mincemeat great for this years


Plum tart with roasted marzipan

Delicious and crunchy; plum tart with puff pastry and roasted marzipan