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October 17: Indulge in Fun and Flavor this National Popcorn Poppin' Month

What is a movie without popcorn? While often associated with movies, popcorn is also a delicious high-fiber snack. It was very important to the Aztecs who not only ate it but also used to decorate for ceremonies and create necklaces for the statues of their gods. Now, Americans consume 16 billion quarts of it a year.

Popcorn is fun to pop and it can be plain or flavored. Many prefer the butter and salt combination, but it supports other flavors nicely. Online food recipes feature parmesan cheese, garlic salt, and even dry taco seasoning. For beautiful food photography, you can even add color to popcorn and create a colorful treat!  Popcorn is not just limited to movies or even as a snack. It can make great food styling for parties and can even be part of quick appetizer recipes. Find your new take on this popular food today!

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