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Food Blogger Interview: Anamika of Taste Junction

It is another amazing edition of the Dishfolio blog's food blogger interview series. We have a wide community of food bloggers here at Dishfolio, all having different styles, tastes and beliefs. Today, we are ecstatic to welcome Anamika of Taste Junction to Dishfolio's interview corner. Let's take a glimpse of an Indian kitchen of a mom who loves to bake, travel and click. So lots of yummy recipes of cakes and curries; along with photo journals of her travel adventures.


Anamika-Taste Junction-portrait

Tell us about your food blogging goals: What are they? How are you accomplishing them?

My blogging goal was simply to learn baking and advanced level of cooking. And my blog was my journal for all those delicious trials. I have definitely achieved a decent level of that, by having learnt a lot. Yet, I feel like a beginner, since there's a world out there to learn in the field of world cuisines, photography and blogging.


Who is your foodie hero and how do they inspire you?

My foodie hero is my mom and all the moms I know. The magic in their hands is simply unbelievable. I remember while growing, there was no fancy gadgets, or cookbooks or  gourmet ingredients in my mom's kitchen. Everything was plain and simple. Except for the food. Which was full of taste and flavours. I am sure it was her love for us and cooking, that even hours of being in the kitchen didn't deter her enthusiasm or the magic. I wish I could recreate some of that.


Describe your all-time favorite recipe.

I've lots of favourite but this one was reserved for special days. It's again a simple dish, but a childhood favourite - 'chana dal stuffed paratha" (indian bread with lentil stuffing) with spicy "potato and cauliflower curry". It's specially great to have on cold winter days.


Anamika-Taste Junction-recipe

What's the best food photography tip you've learned in the past year?

"That you don't click a picture, but you create a picture." That means you try to control or play with the

various elements to create the image you want. And that's basically everything - know the lighting, the angle, the styling, the composition, the color palette, and even the shadows to 'create' your image.

That's the big advice. At more focussed level, it was to "read images" and to try and understand how it was taken. And to recreate it. Not to copy, but to learn, to know your level of understanding of all the elements. Trust me it's easier said, than done.


If you had to choose a kitchen tool you couldn't live without, what would it be and why?

Knife. I can't imagine doing any cooking without them, for obvious reasons. Other than that a grinder cum blender also occupies a permanent pedestal in my kitchen; since it makes life so much easier.


Thanks again to Anamika of Taste Junction for participating in this interview!

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