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December 8: It's All About Great Donuts this Hanukkah!

Savor a traditional Hanukkah sweet! Hanukkah donuts, also known as sufganiyah, are deep-fried pastries with a jelly or custard center. After frying, they are topped with powdered sugar and Hanukkah celebrants immediately indulge. Jewish people eat fried foods over the holiday to commemorate the Temple oil miracle.

While donuts of any kind seem unusually complex at first, they can be fairly easy to make. Also, as you can see from these Dishfolio's online food recipes, there are many varieties. If you enjoy the traditional jelly donut, the options are plentiful. Or go for a bit of adventure with chocolate and vanilla cream fillings. The mini sufganiyah can give the more calorie conscious a taste without breaking the bank on the healthy eating plan. These varieties remind you that donuts are not just reserved for Sunday morning. Indulge in their ritual significance and try new options with this dessert delight!

Hanukkah small Sufganiot (doughnuts)

Delicious small Sufganiyot for Hanukkah, no yeast, and very quick and easy to make. Happy Hanukkah!


Chocolate Glazed Donuts

Fried mini doughnuts are dipped in a chocolate glaze and topped with chocolate sprinkles. They’re perfect for a weekend breakfast or a fun dessert.


Baked Apple Cider Doughnuts

Love apple cider? Good; then you have got to try these fall inspired baked apple cider doughnuts!


Sour Milk Doughnuts

Enjoy no-hassle sour milk doughnuts that make for a delicious vintage treat! Fall in love with another successful recipe from The Captain's Lady!


Best Ever Doughnuts!

Light & fluffy on the inside, golden & inviting on the out - the most perfect doughnuts in the world! (& not as hard to make as you think!)


Samoa Mini doughnuts

Sweet, Caramel-Glazed Samoa Mini Doughnuts


Healthy Homemade Doughnuts

Made with whole wheat flour, these doughnuts are light and delicious!


Baked Pumpkin Doughnuts

Dense and moist cake doughnuts filled with fall flavors.


Chocolate and Vanilla Mini Doughnut Cake

Chocolate and vanilla mini doughnuts stacked up with whipped cream, hazelnut chocolate and sprinkles. Makes extra doughnuts for breakfast the next day (go ahead, they're baked not fried!).


Fresh Fluffy Doughnuts...

Homemade doughnuts are amazingly tender and delicious.


Coffee Cinnamon Protein Doughnuts

Coffee cinnamon protein doughnuts with salted caramel icing. Healthy, gluten free and low fructose


Sweet Potato Doughnuts

Sweet Potato Doughnuts: coffee has a new best friend!