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November 26: Mongolian Dishes for Proclamation Day in Mongolia

Proclamation Day in Mongolia commemorates 1924, when the proclamation of the Mongolian People's Republic was announced. This made the country the second largest communist country in the world, and even to this day, the people celebrate the day with classic Mongolian Dishes.

If you're a fan of Mongolian food, then this is a great day to celebrate. Dishfolio has updated its site to include food styling tips and recipes for famous Mongolian dishes. This kind of cuisine is pretty diverse, and due to the extreme climate, often includes meat, animal fats and dairy products.

This kind of food is hearty and warming, with many dishes being cooked on Mongolian fire pots. For the Mongolian food recipes found on Dishfolio, you can use regular pots and large dishes at home, but be sure to stock up on the right ingredients beforehand so that you can get the most authentic results possible.

Buuz (Mongolian Dumplings

Addictive! Better than pot stickers. Authentic Mongolian dumplings. Scrumptious dipping sauce.


Chicken shashlik

tomato and cilantro marinated chicken shashlik with two sauces: Georgian grilled tomato sauce and walnut-yogurt sauce


Mongolian Pork with Lemongrass Rice

A delicious variation of this classic dish


Spicy Marinated Steak

Spicy Marinated Steak. The star ingredient in the marinade is Mongolian Fire Oil.


Mongolian Beef Meatballs

A family-friendly take on the Chinese take-out favorite. Easy to prep ahead for a 15 minute or less weeknight meal.


Mongolian Tofu

Fried peices of seasoned tofu covered in a sweet & sticky mongolian sauce. Vegan recipe with pictures.