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November 24: Enjoy Tasty Sardines on National Sardines Day!

The best way to celebrate National Sardines Day is with, that's right, recipes for sardines! It doesn't matter whether you prefer low fat foods or you simply like great tasting fish, Dishfolio has a wide range of sardine dish recipes available for you to choose from, including some great food photography.

The holiday, which celebrates these small, silver and salty fish, can be celebrated with dishes like sardines on toast, sardine puffs and noodles with sardines. The fish can be used with almost anything you can imagine, as they are incredibly easy to cook and prepare.

Take sardine puffs for instance. This recipe takes just 35 minutes, and is a matter of spicing up your sardines how you like, using lime, chili powder or garlic and onion if you so prefer, and wrapping the sardines in puff pastry. Bake them, and you'll have a delicious lunchtime treat for National Sardines Day!

Detox Sardine Tartines

So easy and tasty! Salty, herby, meaty and completely healthy.


Baked Sardine Rangoons

Dumplings stuffed with a cream cheese and sardine mixture, baked until crisp.


Pasta with Sardines (Pasta con le Sarde)

Pasta with Sardines (Pasta con le Sarde). A Sicilian pasta dish full of flavours.


Rolls of sardines with chopped vegetables

Delicious rolls to serve as an appetizer ... they are light and healthy ...


Sardine, Herring, Radish Tartines

Tartines | Sardine, Herring, and Radish + Herby Butter


Empanada de hojaldre con pisto y sardinas

Una empanada fina y deliciosa por el hojaldre y sus ingredientes