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June 9: Savor the Flavor - Today is National Herbs and Spices Day!

It wouldn't be right to explore the history of herbs and spices without giving Christopher Columbus a mention. Not only did he kick start trade between Europe and Africa, but he also introduced the west to some of the herbs and spices we take for granted today. Whether it's cinnamon for café lattes or cardamom for curries, Herbs and Spices Day gives us the chance to commemorate the condiments that make food taste that little bit better.

Herbs and spices breathe new life into all sorts of recipes. They can make chicken taste new and exciting, or add a new dimension to soups. Growing them is also quite easy, and often taste better when they're homegrown. Many of the natural herbs and spices also have wonderful health advantages, including anise, a licorice-like spice that's known for remedying an upset tummy.

A list of herbs and spices is also handy is also great when making artistic food photography as their colors and texture always look great on film. These online food recipes from Dishfolio food bloggers will surely help you along!

Herbed Roasted Tomato Soup

Herbed Roasted Tomato Soup - simple and delicious.


Beef and Vegetable Stew with Rosemary

A richly-flavored, melt-in-your-mouth beef stew, packed with carrots, tomatoes, herbs and red wine. Fast with a pressure cooker!


Roasted Red Snapper with summer vegetables

Baked Red Snapper are filled with fragrant herbs and served with roasted vegetables for a delicious healthy meal.


Chipotle Chicken with Pasta and Kale Pesto

Smoked Paprika Chipotle Chicken with Spirali Pasta and Kale Pesto


Rare Seared Cajun Sockeye Salmon

Delicious sockeye salmon strips, seared rare with a cajun spice rub! Great as is or as an accompaniment with a summer salad.


Pumpkin Crust Pizza with Sage

A pumpkin crust three-cheese pizza with fresh sage is a savory sensation!