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June 10: Cool Down with Refreshing Ice Tea Recipes for Today's National Ice Tea Day!

National Ice Tea Day (not to be confused with celebrations of the famous rapper of the same name) helps us to appreciate the refreshing taste of a cooling beverage on a hot day. Usually, concentrated syrup is added to give the tea a fruity twist. Popular versions include lemon, mango, and peach, with berries also being used in some countries.

An interesting fact in the U.S. is how ice tea is more popular than hot tea. Out of every 100 of these caffeinated beverages consumed, 85 of them are iced. The popularity of ice tea has gained momentum since recipes first began to surface during the late 1800s.

Thailand, Japan, and China who are known tea enthusiasts, also offer their own exotic interpretations of the beverage.

There are quite a lot of different tea brands in tea stores but if you're looking for something a little different, why not try these online food recipes from our Dishfolio food bloggers?

Southern Sweet Tea

Southern sweet tea - the lifeblood of the South. First post in a series on Southern cooking. Come on in and sit a spell.


Honeydew Bubble Tea

A refreshing and sweet honeydew bubble tea with black tapioca pearls. A classic Taiwanese specialty


Iced Lemon With Tea

Here is a quick and easy recipe that I use to make a Iced Lemon With Tea when I at home


Refreshing homemade Strawberry Green Tea

Strawberry green tea made with homemade strawberry syrup! Enjoy the goodness of fresh strawberries with the benefits of green tea!


Iced tea with ginger, mint &lemon

Home Made Iced tea with ginger, mint &lemon


Meyer Lemon & Jasmine Iced Tea

Meyer Lemon & Jasmine Iced Tea—Only 5 ingredients but unbelievably tasty. It’s all ready in just a few minutes.


Citrus Green Tea

Watami's Green Citrus Green Tea